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Doodle Alliance

Doodle Mamas



Indie is our beautiful Goldendoodle. She is so well-behaved and such a calm, gentle and loving dog. She is intuitive and compliant, doing whatever we ask of her and sometimes without even asking! 



Skittles is our 9 year old son's Labradoodle. They are always together. He has helped us train her and he loves taking her for walks. Skittles really respects him and walks submissively right by his side.



Yoshi is a calm, quiet Cavoodle. She has a very gentle temperament. It takes her a while to warm up to strangers. She's not the type to bark when company arrives, instead she typically finds a quiet place to watch from a distance or take a nap.




Our Cavoodle, Roxy, is our 8 year old son's little companion. They adore each other! Roxy is smart, spunky and has a happy-go-lucky personality! 




Sweet Molly Rose is a Goldendoodle cared for by the Stokes family. Molly is a sweet, calm and submissive dog. She enjoys playing with her Goldendoodle brother and occasionally going to work with her mom.



 Meeka is a Mini Labradoodle that brings much joy to the Vanderbeek family. Meeka is smart and playful. She sleeps with her mom and dad everynight and she couldn't be anymore loved and well taken care of!



Willow is an Old English Sheepdog that lives with the Hamblen family. Willow is a laid back girl. She loves to sleep. Willow is very motherly and tender with the Hamblen children. She loves to follow the kids around and keep almost a constant eye on them.





Una is a friendly and playful Sheepadoodle! She loves car rides, greeting guests at the front door and will do anything for a treat! She is well loved by the Garzony family.



Piper is a fun, energetic, sweet Sheepadoodle. She is full of personality and never ceases to amaze our Alliance Family, the Forresters, with how smart she is! The Forresters say that she has been the best addition to their family!



Roo is a Labradoodle owned by the Greely family. Roo is in good company with the other 3 dogs in her home, one of which is her son, Quincy. 



Tallulah is a sweet Cavoodle with a shy temperment. She is homebody that loves being with her family and playing with her Goldendoodle brother!



Whimsey is a Sheepadoodle affectionatly referred to as Whimsey Rooster by her family, the Snyders. Whimsey enjoys long walks with her mom and playing soccer with her brothers. Whimsey is the sister of 2 cats and 5 kids that keep her entertained.



Asha is a precious Goldendoodle well loved and cared for by the Oehrig family. Ashaa is a sweet, calm and affectionate girl. She is gentle with children, the elderly and a cat that lives with her. She loves playing fetch and carrying her toys around the house.



Maci is a super sweet, calm and carefree Newfiedoodle. She loves everyone who walks in the door, and is very happy to be as close to you as possible. She is very curious and loves to explore and play, but she is also laidback and enjoys laying around and napping.